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Microsoft beats Google

People always tend to compare Google with Microsoft and pronounce that Google’s technologies are always superior to that of Microsoft’s. For instance, the comparison of the results from Google’s search with that of search.msn.com (by Microsoft). But I have a different story to tell. A fellow MVP, [http://www.microsoft.com/india/mvp/indiamvp.aspx#VeerJiWangoo|Veer Ji Wangoo], pointed me at [http://local.live.com|local.live.com] from Microsoft. I opened it and tried to search some driving directions in Karnataka, India. I searched for the driving directions from Bangalore, India to some small towns like Subrahmanya, Tirthahalli, Karkala, etc. And lo, it gave the directions perfectly. Of course, it is not able to provide the directions for smaller towns and villages. I tried the same thing in local.google.com. It failed miserably. There is no India specific web-site from Google like local.google.co.in. The award goes to Microsoft.

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