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Google spreadsheet

Recently Google released [http://spreadsheets.google.com|Google Spreadsheets]. It is the online version of spreadsheets. The advantage is that one can keep his spreadsheet on the web and access it from anywhere. I took a first look at it. It was not very impressive. One simple feature -exiting without saving the modifications -is missing. If you make a mistake, then you had it. There are some good features though, like able to import and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. A group of people can acess the spreadsheet, etc. As usual with Google, this is also called beta. Sometimes I wonder why don’t they call Google itself as Google Beta as they do with Gmail.

As is the practice with me, I tested Indic, Kannada on this spreadsheet. The results are definitely not encouraging. The Kannada sorting is wrong. It does not recognize Kannada numerals. I am attaching the screenshot of a spreadsheet portion from Google below depicting these problems. The first column is after sorting by Google.The cell B3 is the sum of cells B1 and B2.

Below I am attaching the same test from Microsoft Excel.

First column is after sorting. Second column shows the proper handling of Kannada numerals. Look athe cell B3. It is the sum of B1 and B2. Google shows it as zero whereas Excel shows it correctly.

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