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Yet Another Usergroup

Yesterday, Biztalk Usergroup India, was launched at Bangalore. Bangalore is home to many usergroups -[http://groups.msn.com/bdotnet|Bangalore Dot Net], [http://groups.msn.com/bangaloreitpro/|Bangalore IT Pro], [http://groups.msn.com/winembedded|Embedded], etc. And of course, there are usergroups related to opensource, Linux, Java, etc. Biztalk is the application integrator from Microsoft. The new usergroup has its own place on the web -[http://groups.msn.com/bug-i|groups.msn.com/bug-i]. Someone asked why it is called boogie. Another person asked why it is not Bangalore Biztalk usergruop just like Bangalore dotnet usergroup.

Oops, sorry for the typos. Replace all occurrences of Bangalore by Bengaluru.

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