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Malayalam transliteration tool from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a transliteration tool. It can transliterate between many languages. From Indian point of view, I noticed that it can do these transliterations – “Malayalam to Romanization” and “Romanization to Malayalam”. I downloaded it, installed and tested. I typed “pavanaja” in English letters and it converted it to Malayalam correctly as പവനജ. I hope very soon Microsoft will update the tool to include other Indic scripts. I wish they also relase the source code. Interested people can read more about it and download the tool from here.

One thought on “Malayalam transliteration tool from Microsoft

  1. sharanabasava says:

    i went with your talk over fm 91 on this sunday so browsed and got my id i am very glad to learn tha such a development activity is going on with our local language it will be helpfull to rural people like me to feel computers are not a strong stuff i may need your guidence going through vishvakannada.com thank you and i again thank fm91 for comming up with your program so that many of bangalorians aware about web site on kannada.

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